InputManager setPointerOverMesh's mesh always be null

PickResult will always be null.Should i add a doNothingAction if i want to get the pickedMesh in scene pointerMoveObserver?
I think adding an action is very troublesome, why not add an accessor?

Can your describe your situation a bit more?

If no action registered,i can’t get pickedMesh in scene pointerObserver.
no action registered PG:

register doNothingAction:

This becomes very troublesome, my mesh must register action to get pickedMesh.
In addition, if no action is registered, the mesh of setPointerOverMesh of scene.inputManager will also be empty.

@PolygonalSun is there a way to get the picked mesh of a pointermove observable without using the action manager?

So you actually don’t need to have an action registered to access picks on move but there are a couple of things to know about it. First, on the mesh that you want to get pickingInfo on, you will need to set that mesh’s enablePointerMoveEvents to true. Second, for move events, all picking is done lazily. What that means is that picking will not happen until you try to access the pickInfo variable. Here’s a modified form of your PG to demonstrate this: No action, lazy mesh pick | Babylon.js Playground (

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