Inspector not loading : Cannot read property 'FIRST' of undefined


I have an issue with the latest Babylon.js inspector bundle… It doesn’t load, I can reproduce with a minimal example:

Consider this simple playground: Babylon.js Playground , it works the inspect shows up

Click on download code and open the project locally, the inspector doesn’t load and there is an error in the console.

Seems this is due to some variable not included in the bundle ?


Yeah! Interesting case :slight_smile:

This is caused because of the order of the scripts in the section. Move the loaders file to be right after the code babylon module, and the error is gone.

I guess the solution would be to move the inspector to the end of the loading process. As we first load the scripts and only after analyze the code, the playground doesn’t have this issue at all.

Thanks ! yes this does solves it… this is new that the inspect depends on the loaders (or at least fails if not included) … It was hard to troubleshot for me because I had a project not requiring the loaders… and the inspector could load previously

Should I open an issue on github to at least put the inspector below the other in the playground to avoid other people running into it ?

Yes please! Link to this page. We will need to see how we take this dependency out, or at least surpress it if it is not present.

done: Inspector not loading : Cannot read property ‘FIRST’ of undefined · Issue #9072 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub