Inspector: select mesh on mouse click

I don’t know if this feature is implemented. In the chrom browser’s devTool I can select an element and the correct html spot is jumped in.

Wouldn’t this useful for the Inspector, too? I click on a mesh and get the right node selected.

It is already implemented in the Inspector.


I supposed that, too. But this function won’t work with this obj-file in the sandbox (399.6 KB)

I am going to use my exported number-letter-object made with BABYLON.CreateText and fix the y-offsets manually.

thank’s again! :slight_smile:

It does work when you pick the text it auto selects the corresponding mesh

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oh you’re right, hopefully my misjudgement won’t turn me into a conspiracy theorist! :smiley:


I guess you understand that by simply posting these words, you are now already on the radar of the government secret services :joy: :rofl:


Spying Conspiracy Theory GIF by DrSquatchSoapCo

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