Inspector Styling Wonky on Local

Im not sure why, but for some reason whenever I include the inspector into my project and show it the styling has been all weird

Am I missing a step?

Are you using webpack? It has historically been non deterministic for bundle chunk contents AND order , but they supposedly fixed it in v5 idk. Similarly, vite does it on a per file basis and can have different results from a concatenated bundle. Curious what bundler youre using and @babylon/inspector or babylon-inspector? I mean, besides bundle order the root cause is almost certainly naming conflicts in the stylesheets

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yeah I bet that is what it is.

adding @carolhmj

That might be the inspector’s CSS classes conflicting with your CSS’s classes, we have plans to move all components to CSS modules in the future to avoid this happening but we haven’t been able to do this work yet :frowning: