Integrate with CesiumJS

I put Babylon.js Canvas on top of CesiumJS Canvas, referring to Integrate With CesiumJS.
The purpose of Babylon.js is Transform editing with Gizmo.
Therefore, I would like to pass mouse events other than Gizmo operations to the CeciumJS Canvas.
Is it possible to determine whether the mouse pointer is on the Gizmo control UI?

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Hmmm currently the gizmos only have events to inform when a drag started/ended, not when is hovered. What gizmos do you want to use?

Thank you for your reply.
Most want to use
Position Gizmo / Scale Gizmo / Rotation Gizmo
There are three.
Next I want to use
Bounding Box Gizmo

I just found that there isn’t an event, but there’s a boolean that shows when the gizmo is hovered! Babylon.js Playground ( Would that work for you? :slight_smile:

Thank you!
I think I can do this!

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