intputText promptMessage displays "JavaScript" instead of message wriiten by me

IntputText promptMessage displays “JavaScript” instead of message written by me. This only occurs on Android mobile.

I think we will need to see some code (preferably a repro in the Playground) because otherwise it will be difficult to help.

Oh,I forgot about the PG , now the PG is added

Can you reproduce the problem?

No, I could not reproduce, it asks me to “Please enter text:” when I tap on the input text.

However, the actual text is not displayed in the box. I don’t know if this is a limitation on mobile, where you could not retrieve the text (I tested with a iPhone and it’s the same behavior)… cc @carolhmj in case she knows.

Let me close this thread as I have since this in 3 different threads since this morning. @Yang_Yu, please keep the message in one thread. There is no need for duplicates:

Let s keep the thread in InputText "JavaScript" message - #2 by sebavan