Introducing Immersa: Revolutionizing Storytelling with Web-Based 3D Presentations

Hello everyone,

I’m excited to share a project I’ve been passionately working on alongside BabylonJS for the past few months. It’s named Immersa—a web-based 3D presentation tool. This is its debut on any platform, and I’m thrilled to introduce it here first.

Why did I create Immersa?
As a developer, side projects fascinate me. They offer a unique blend of challenge and flexibility, allowing me to explore various domains. Is Immersa filling a market gap? Perhaps not in the traditional sense. Standard 2D presentation tools are simpler, and Immersa isn’t meant to replace them. Instead, it’s an additional resource for those who desire to convey their stories in a more immersive and visually captivating manner.

Interestingly, while PowerPoint offers 3D capabilities in its desktop version, these aren’t available on their web platform. This gap inspired me to ask, “Why not develop something similar for the web?”

Project Status
Currently, I’m focusing on developing Immersa’s core technology and architecture. The user interface component will follow. At this stage, the project doesn’t feature an editor for creating presentations—it’s still in its infancy.

My plan involves crafting an Immersa presentation to demonstrate its potential (link provided below). This presentation will evolve over time based on feedback from my close circle. If the interest grows, I’m prepared to invest more time and effort into advancing Immersa.

Demo Link:

I’m eager to hear your thoughts and feedback!


This is really cool, thanks for sharing this with us!

It’s funny that the PPT web app doesn’t support 3D, given that IIRC, it already uses BabylonJS under the hood (or at least it’s used elsewhere in the M365 app ecosystem).

@thomlucc this seems right up your alley ^^


I love the plane on page 7. Caught myself making plane noises :smiley:

Minor detail: If it is some reference I do not understand, then nevermind. But usually Porsche cars get an “S” on their license plate. “M” would be BMW.

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I used a stock model, so the license plate was like that :slight_smile:

So cool ! This is very immersive indeed :+1:

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Thank you so much guys! I also added a few new slides and ‘Join Waitlist’ button at the bottom.


Congrats on your project @ertugrulcetin! The power of 3D for immersive storytelling, education and 3D product presentations is limitless. Your demo looks great already. You can also check-out: Jigspace, which has a great solution (and uses Babylon.js to render on the Web :slight_smile: ).


I’ve crafted a presentation specifically for the Turkish branch of a German manufacturing company, (all texts in Turkish).

The core insights can be found between slides 11 and 15. I’m excited for you to see it.

Link: Schaltbau - Şarj İstasyonları için Kontaktörler

P.S.: Currently putting the finishing touches on Immersa’s editor and plan to release it shortly.