Input Requested: Pitching Babylon JS and 3D graphics at a developer conference

Hey Folks,

I’m attending a developer conference for FileMaker developers in a couple of weeks. I’m presenting a session to introduce them to 3D graphics and Babylon JS.

In the FileMaker platform, we have a Web Viewer and a set of communication methods to pass data into it and call scripts from it. I’ve used it to build some charts and data vis features.

If you were talking to a group who had never heard of Babylon JS, what would you tell them? What are the most important things to learn?

Here are couple of demos I’ll share with them

  1. An interactive 3D map with charting data

  2. A simple bar chart with multiple series (WIP)

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Let me @PirateJC whose life is about pitching ideas in a nice way :slight_smile:

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Hi there!

I’ve done presentations to this kind of public before :slight_smile: Once in a games conference and another to “regular” developers. I ended up building a deck to help me demonstrate quickly all the features of Babylon.JS, I put it on my github so you can have a look: open source presentation about Babylon · carolhmj/quick-demos@da2a5f9 · GitHub (It’s a Git LFS file since it’s a BIIIIG presentation with lots of gifs). Feel free to use it as inspiration or a template to build your own!

On the beginning of the presentation, I also talk why building web accessible experiences is important (in the context of games in the presentation, but this could also be expanded to consider general web experiences). The gist of it is that, well, the web market is very big, so targeting your experience to that market makes it reach more people, especially compared to having people install a desktop or mobile app.

Then I show all the cool stuff Babylon has to offer, talk a bit about WebGPU, about our tools, etc.


Thanks for such great info! These slides give me a lot of ideas of how to frame this.

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