Is AAA game possible with BabylonJS?

I have pondered the question if building an AAA game is possible with BabylonJS, games like COD mobile and cover fire ? I was building a relatively complex game and I have to know if it is possible.

To me “AAA” is more about big studios, big budgets, many people and multiple years of development, rather than the choice of 3D engine.

For me personally, I’m working on a smaller turn-based, multi-player game but aiming for “AAA” graphics, and Babylon.js is more than capable of helping me attain that.

I think Babylon.js would appeal more to indie developers and small teams than big budget AAA studios, but never say never.


Same definition here.

Ubisoft used BJS, but url doesn’t exist anymore:

Not BJS but Threejs, used by Electronic Arts for Medal of Honor: Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond | A VR War Game | Oculus

But about developing a huge game with Go of assets, I’m not sure if a javascript engine is the right way to go, just about performance issues. But like examples above, it can be used for advertising a nice demos for sure.

@PirateJC to look where did the pirates games go.

Most of the AAA studios use their own engines or just don’t release browser games (still Babylon is browser-based rendering engine).
Also, “AAA” doesn’t mean “very successful.” It is a category for the games with the very highest development and advertising budgets. For example, Minecraft was built and released with near-zero budget and is, therefore, not a AAA game.
As I see, the biggest issue for Babylon are browsers (single thread, GPU limitations etc) and browser vendors themselves :slight_smile: But all these things are evolving very fast.


This, and two other things: one, with the web you’ll have people running your game on a plethora of platforms, browsers, etc. Makes things even harder, sometimes browsers make breaking changes. Two, non-web engines tend to have a bunch of assets and plugins that makes development much quicker.

Also, remember data. Some games are currently more than 100GB, and sometimes you have long loading screens even with local data on SSDs. If you are loading things over the network…

At the same time, I think a lot of decent content and smaller, but nice, games could be done in WebGL. Remember those flash games? So much more could be done now.

About size, we have to remember super mario bros is about 31 kb and this is an amazing game :wink:

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There’s a lot of great input here, but I’ll add my 0.02.

If you take a look at what you need from a game engine in order to produce a AAA title, it really comes down to 3 key things:

Performance - Can it process input and rendering information quickly creating a quick user feedback loop?
Usability - Is the engine easy to learn and use?
Rendering Fidelity - Can the engine render modern beautiful visuals?

When I think about Babylon.js it checks every one of these boxes.

Babylon.js features best in class performance on the web and can also target native applications with high performance as well. The loop of user input → driving visuals is incredibly fast and getting faster every release (as in WebGPU that’s around the corner).

Babylon.js has a very well documented API with a TON of learning material surrounding it, making it accessible to folks that are picking it up. It also features a large and growing number of developer tools to make it easier and easier to iterate on ideas and bring them to life quickly.

And finally, Babylon.js features full PBR (physically based rendering) as well as IBL (image based lighting) and MANY other advanced rendering features that AAA expect and look for from game engines.

So in short, yes Babylon.js is absolutely capable of producing AAA game titles.

All you need is a great idea and developers :slight_smile:


That is purely a matter of $$$ and talented people.