Is Babylon GUI possible add HTML as child?

It’s possible to put HTML inside Babylon GUI? That’s cool, and make it more prowerful

Nope as you can not put html inside of a canvas.

You could nevertheless look into Render HTML page in scene - #13 by Blackcatz19

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You could always use the Xml Loader to load it in a html-like way. But I could be a little biased since I’ve built it :smiley: .
XML Loader | Babylon.js Documentation .

Well, may be add CSS3D function in next version is a good idea, like Three.js. I think that’s a big demand for a great number of Web Developer

With the XML Gui, the idea was to extend it also with a stylesheet. I never worked on it but it might be an idea. This would allow everyone to just style and write gui very web like.

The XML GUI is not matched HTML form and strange, it’s cumbersome to use. If there’s a way that HTML convert to XML GUI, that’s nice.

What’s strange to use about it? I find Xml very readable and flexible. You can extend it how you wish, by the other hand, Html is limited. You can do a conversion but it would be very convention based. Then you would need to do Html in 1 specific way for it to work.

Maybe a vs code plugin for autocomplete for the xml might be helpful or a visual designer.