Is it possible to increase. raycast speed?

Hello everyone

is it possible to increase the raycast speed?

I have 17 layers and I want calculate the thickness of the layers with the Raycast, but it takes time to calculate them and some times get freeze.

here is. my PG:

is it possible to help me solve this problem?

See some answers in this other thread: Is it possible to pick a point on the mesh when it is not pickable? - #15 by Evgeni_Popov

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Thank you so much :pray: :pray: I am trying to find a way from you recommend forum title.
Thanks a. lot :pray:

Thank you so much :pray: :pray:
I am do it in this way but the Ray speed for 17 layers is somehow low

I need to get the thickness of the each layer separately and then I want to show them on the graph.

I am working on the GIS app, I have a height map from part of the earth, and below the map I have these layers. these layers represent the earth layers. I am trying to use BJS to make a GIS app. :slightly_smiling_face:

for example the layers thickness can be use in Borehole mining.