Is it possible to just make change on the mesh when the camera is panning but not in zoom in/out?

Hello everyone

here is my code for get the previous and current location of the camera and then If the camera panning not render the side cubes:

   let preCamX = camera.position.x;
    // let preCamY = camera.position.y;
    // let preCamZ = camera.position.z;
    let curCamX,curCamY,curCamZ;

engine.runRenderLoop(() => {
      curCamX = camera.position.x
    //   curCamY = camera.position.y
    //   curCamZ = camera.position.z
      if(preCamX == curCamX ){

      } else{

      preCamX = curCamX;
    //   preCamY = curCamY;
    //   preCamZ = curCamZ;

but the problem is I want to render the side cubes in zoom in/out?
what can I do to solve this problem?

I wonder if you could enable a flag for when the mouse wheel is active (assuming this is your zoom key). This feels like a hacky solution though :confused:

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Thanks a lot for your answer, but the mouse wheel is always active. is it any way to found the moving of mouse wheel?

I have solved it. Thanks a lot. :pray:t2: