Is it possible to scale a Texture (of skysphere mesh) to make my texture look smaller?


I have a skysphere (just a spherical mesh basically) with a PBRMaterial on it. PBRMaterial has a Texture.

All this stuff looks like this (screenshot below):

But I do want to look it like this (screenshot below). Here I modified uScale and vScale of my Texture and it just filled the sphere 5 times in each direction:


Is there any way to “zoom out” my skybox texture or I need to make it smaller in image creation programs (GIMP-like)?

You might be able to do it with a photodome and playing with the fov value ?

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I will try to do it, thank you for advice.

I have tried PhotoDome. Honestly the fovMultiplier scale not only not enough but looks very weird: looks like parts of my image zoom away when I try to look directly on them but other parts zoom in if they are located on the sides etc.

Is there any different way to scale skybox or it’s only depends on texture initial size?

Hi, You should provide a PG with the texture so we can have a look at it. Obviously the feeling of distance essentially depends on two parameters (whether a dome or a skybox). 1) The size of the skybox or dome 2) The size of the texture projected on this mesh.
Changing the fov can help creating a larger point of view, along with the camera lens size and a couple of parameters you can set on the camera (same as in real world, well, simulated). But this will never make a close-up texture look like it’s just that far away. At least, not enough.

Adding @RaananW as well as he might have faced this in VR already ?

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Just checking in @Shadowalker were you able to solve this?

Honestly I just used another skybox texture.
For my purposes it was pretty fine.

Honestly, might just be the only way and the best choice to make. Glad you found your solution for it.