Is it possible to upload to the scene 3ds max files directly?

Hello everyone! I have such a question. To download GLTF or OBJ files, you can simply use plugins, like this:

SceneLoader.RegisterPlugin(new GLTFFileLoader())

I needed to download a 3ds max file, but I couldn’t find something like this on the Internet, only that I need to convert it to GLTF, for example, and then download it. Is there really no way to do this directly? I will be glad to absolutely any advice, thank you)

There is no way to do it directly.
3ds max is the Autodesk format and will work only with Autodesk applications.

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Best thing you can do is to install plugin for 3dsMax and easily edit and export your files to gltf/glb format.


Yes, I read this article, but here we are talking about working in the Autodesk program, but I am writing a website where I would like the user to be able to upload their model and it will be displayed on the screen. It turns out that if there is no direct way to download 3ds max, this file must be run through some service capable of converting it to gITF, for example, and then only download it?

the native file format 3DS is not an broad interchangeable format. Interchangeable formats exist for the very purpose of file sharing and files working across different apps and platforms. There have been a few different interchange formats over the years, some target interchange between authoring DCC apps , and generally more support for importing some native formats has become available to many DCC authoring apps, but for web, support is limited to a few interchange formats, formats like .obj .collada .fbx and what babylon loves to use as default, .glb/.gltf

Some formats are open while others are closed source. You seem to be very new to all of this and should read up about it all to be able to build better tooling and to manage your expectations.

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I got it, thanks a lot!