Is it possible to use Rust WASM in this game engine?

This game engine looks very interesting, however I am curious to know is it possible to use Rust WASM?

Also I wanted to ask is it possible to run this game engine offline?

Here is some success Babylon in Rust->WASM Example - Demos and projects - Babylon.js

Yes it is Getting Started - Chapter 1 - First Web App | Babylon.js Documentation

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I see, thanks mate, in terms of performance, if I used fully Rust wasm, is this going to be better than Unity and Godot?

Additionally, if I am using Rust WASM, does it use JavaScript at all?

Is there any plans to integrate ECS in it?

Also can I export my games to Android, WIndows, MacOS and Linux (no web browser)?

Sorry but I have given the extent of my knowledge on Rust and WASM and that was found by searching these terms in the forum. Hopefully someone with more expertise may be along soon.