Is model size on image-tracking correct?

Hello, I research model size on image-tracking in unbounded space.
I adjust model position with below code


I adjust position only however model size is small. I couldn’t understand why this cause. This problem cause when I put image on floor.

Maybe model position y is below of image and model size looks like smaller through camera?

cc @RaananW, as it is a XR related question (I did not know onTrackedImageUpdatedObservable!).

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marker tracking provides you a point in the 3D space. This is the location of this tracker, according to the reference space you are currently using. If your model’s origin is its center, placing the model in this point will put it in the center of the model. It will also be as big as you defined it. You can scale it as byou wish, according to the use-case. Rememer that in XR 1 unit is 1 meter, so make sure your model is scaled correctly to be displayed in XR.


Thank you for reply.
Do I have to adjust model scale by code to show accurate real size if I determine size of model in Blender before import ?

or export it scaled from blender, that would probably be better in the long run

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