Model size adjustment in augmented reality

I have applied a 3d model to augmented reality, but it seems that the scaling property does not apply to that environment, how should I be able to adjust the size of my 3d model?

Below is the project’s domain name:

link github:

cc @RaananW

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I am not sure what you are referring to as “environment”. Is it a part of the model? would you be able to reproduce that on the playground, or provide a debuggable environment so I could help you better than theoretical fixes?

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It means that I use the scaling attribute that only affects externally when the VR headset in the right corner of the screen has not been activated. However, when I press that VR headset, I realize that the scaling attribute does not work in an augmented reality environment.

tks you

I am trying to adjust the model size using the scaling attribute, but continuously failing.

Adjusting the scaling parameter on any model should also work in XR, unless you are overriding it (maybe because of hit-testing, for example). A playground, with working code, would be very helpful.

I’m combining it with vuejs, it’s hard to separate into A playground. i want to test it works well with vuejs. Thank you very much if you can help me find the error in the code on the github link I sent

You are decomposing a matrix to the model, including scaling. Line 226 (and line 192 to the hit marker)

Do you have an example of a glb model loaded in augmented reality?

This is one - Babylon.js Playground ( , it requires plane detection and anchors enabled.

Anyhow - have you tried not setting the scaling? YOu have a working example already, you just set the scaling incorrectly.

Thank you very much, I know what I need to do