Is there a way to set a MINIMUM panning distance?

In the ArcRotateCamera example, the scroll-wheel pans in and out. We can set the maximum distance using panningDistanceLimit, but can we set a minimum distance? As it stands, we are allowed to pan (actually zoom) in towards to center… and PASS it, now looking at the object from the other side. We should be able to limit the user from panning in that far.

Looks like what you need is this ArcRotateCamera | Babylon.js Documentation

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Are you saying this feature is implemented and documented? I’ve looked through the documentation and found nothing serving this end.

I mean the first item in the link. lowerRadiusLimit

Thank you, musk! Sorry I missed what you linked! Yes, that did the trick!

I feel the need to suggest the lowerRadiusLimit and upperRadiusLimit are set to some default value. Really, is there any case where the behavior we actually want is to be able to zoom THROUGH the mesh and come out the other side?