Is there a way to spatialize the audio in HLS/m3u8?


Is there a way to spatialize the audio in HLS/m3u8?

I tried to use HLS to construct a video element from m3u8, then create a videoTexture and Sound obj from the video element respectively.
It works only on Android, Mac Chome and PC Chome, but not on Mac Safari nor iOS Safari, where only plain stereo audio can be heard.

The full demo code is here.

Is there a solution? Thanks

It might be related to you Safari version as the paner node is not available since a long time on Safari PannerNode - Web APIs | MDN

I tried several versions of safari and iOS, none of them work with HLS/m3u8. I also tried to use the MP4 URL to construct the video element, then created the video texture and spatial Sound. It worked with all my versions of iOS/Safari, as long as they meet the version requirement of the panner node.

So I think the problem here is m3u8 vs MP4.

Could you check on the webgkit side just to be sure they should be compatible as I am not seeing anything special in our code, from a quick glance ? and do you have some working webaudio samples with this format on Safari with paner node ?

Also you could try loading the m3u8 as a media stream and pass it in the Sound constructor, wondering if that would change a thing ?

Same demo with a mp4 video source works,

but a m3u8 source does not work

Follow this link, there may be information that will help you.

Hi @kangshiyin just checking in if you figured this out or you’d like some more help?