Spatial Sound Sourced from A Video Texture File

I did not see an example of this, is there a way to redirect the audio output from a video texture to a spatial sound object instead of it just playing omnipresent?

I believe audio textures are handled at DOM natively in not in engine, so was thinking probably not, but was not 100% sure.

I know I could fake it with a second audio only file, but I rather I did not have to given the videos will play with audio at some point when full screened, all the pieces mesh+sound file for spatial sound are already present when a video texture is applied to a mesh so seems like a logical thing to do, and doing so seems like a recipe for unsynchronized video+audio.

This is a great question, let us summon the brilliant @sebavan and see what he has to say on the subject :slight_smile:

As you noted, the video texture is basically handing over everything to the dom sounds wise so if you find a way to link it to WebAudio, we could do it in Babylon too :slight_smile: Let me know your findings.