Is there any way to combine use of plane detection and hittest feature to place object in immersive AR without using or adding anchors?

I want to add drag and rotate feature to the model to be placed on plane using plane detection ,also the y-axis of the model must update with the y axis of plane (so if the user moves the model from one plane to another plane , it will get the y axis of new plane) ,from docs, I have noticed that the anchors are immovable , so is there any method to skip anchors and place model in immersive-ar using only plane detection and hittest

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There is no need to use anchors. the purpose of anchors is to maintain the system’s position of this 3d in space based on continuous correction of the scanned room. But you can simply put the object in babylon world space. On the first frame it will be the same for sure, and probably for a few frames afterwards as well.

anchors are optional, plane detection is optional. the important part here is hit test

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thanx for clearing this up, also I am curious if there is any way to index the detected plane with different heights, like kind of indexing them in 0,1,2 order

i am not quite sure what you mean…
the planes provided are just the polygons. you are more than encouraged to do whatever you need with them :slight_smile: