Augmented Reality (WebXR/ARCore) Examples with plane detection and positioning?

Hello everyone,
are there any examples that use plane detection and if possible, place an object on said plane?
On mobile phones, using the built in AR support of course.

Thanks in advance!

Of course - WebXR Augmented Reality Features | Babylon.js Documentation at the end of this page :slight_smile:

I don’t know why but half of these things don’t work. Even the example doesn’t do anything on my ARCore supported phone…

Ok, so we have to enable WebXR incubation in chrome flags… does that mean that there is no way to get plane detection working if the user doesn’t enable the flag?

Bumpp can someone help me w this in particular

You got the answer yourself, i think :slight_smile:

No, the user needs to enable them. This is temporary, until chromium/chrome/google/any browser supporting AR will decide those features are stable.

I see. Do you maybe know is it possible to get basic object placement on ground using hit tests? If you’ve had any experience with it of course, if not thanks for your help so far.

Of course, you don’t need plane detection for hit testing. The basic hit test demo on the site doesn’t use planes as well. It does use anchors, which are technically not needed as to place an object in space. an anchor will simply keep the position more accurate over time.

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Great, thank you.