Is there any way to import CAD files to use it as a reference in the scene?

Hi, so my task is to import a dxf or dwg (whoever of the two) file type to the Babylon scene as a reference, I need to get the plan of the building and then use that as a reference to create new meshes and so on.

Does Babylon support that? if not, any suggestions on how to do that? at least to convert the file into a file format that Babylon can read?

There might be many workarounds, but I usually import dxf files into Inkscape software and save as svg file.
Then I use blender software to import this svg file and I convert the path into mesh. Try to make faces of the meh so that the geometry will be visible in babylon

After that I export that to glb or gltf, obj, etc that can be imported to babylon

Sorry for the late answer, ok so I think I forgot to add a few details, I don’t actually need a mesh, I actually need to use it as an image reference. The idea is to import the plan of a building and that help him to build inside the tool I’m creating.

At this time I’m trying just to convert the plan from the dxf into an image file to use it as a texture and give it to a mesh or plane, but if there is an easy way it would be gladly accepted :).

I don’t think there is a better way than using it as a texture on a scaled to your needs plane. You could use it as BG or place on an (advancedTexture) grid, but then you wouldn’t be able to scale it independantly from the scene. At least with a plane, you can make sure you have the correct scaling, you can also rotate or position it in the scene if needed.

Oh well, I had to give it a shot, I didn’t find anything about importing dwg or dxf files onto babylon so I had to ask if I missed something, I’ll try then to convert it into an image file or svg then and use it as a texture.