It's Happening! The first Babylon.js Monthly Meet Up is August 15. Details here + call for presenters

Greetings everyone!

Appreciate the interest in the idea for a Babylon monthly meetup. Let’s do it. :slight_smile:

The first event will be August 15 from 9-10AM Pacific Time. I understand that it’s very hard to find a time zone that works for everyone, but I expect we will be cycling the times a bit in the future to accommodate other time zones better.

You can add this event to your calendar here.

@PirateJC and I will kick off the event with a little intro, and then we already have another speaker to discuss “Dynamic Deformation in the Node Material Editor” (sounds fun already doesn’t it?!).

We’d love to have another presenter + topic. These are meant to be pretty quick (10 minutes with 5 minutes Q + A, give or take). Anyone interested? Feel free to propose here or email and we’ll get it on the agenda!


I have a topic :slight_smile:

“Demo of an unannounced surprise feature!”


Okay @Deltakosh , you’re getting added to the agenda! We are aiming for 10 minutes and then some time for a few questions :slight_smile:

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I’d like to present the theme of implement custom deformation in skinned mesh (by using Material Plugins)

a theme similar to the dynamic deformation in NME you mationed it, Does this look okay?


Sure thing @noname0310 , you’ll be the second presenter if that’s okay with you! Ten minutes or less in length please :slight_smile: let me know if you’d like a little session in advance to learn the presenter tools of Frame :smiling_face:

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Thank you. I think presentations using simple screen sharing are intuitive, so I don’t think there will be any problem doing it. :slight_smile:


No problem @noname0310 , it’s just that our platform is a little different than conventional video conferencing tools :wink:


Signed up, but in CN so May be a push to stay up that late but will defo give it a try!

Where? Do we need to sign up as an attendee for this session?

It will be after dinner time for me too. Still, better than watching a serie :tv: :smiley:

Well added to my calandra I should specify.


2am my time! Still, it sounds like it’d be worth the sleep deprivation :crazy_face:

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Its happening right now for those that might wanna get in.

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i quickly loaded it up , got out my seat and went and stood on the stage like I was someone important ( cloaked as a “guest” since I didnt sign up ) … sent some laugh emoji’s up into the air!

alas I cant hang around tonight , im super busy with work right now.

enjoy to others

Hope to catch you at the next one @shaderbytes !

Hi all - this was really special!! Will post the recording on youtube once I get the video downloaded.

For anyone that wants in the next one, you can add it to your calendar here: Calendly - Gabe Baker