I've been following babylon for some time now

Hi all!
Just joined the forums, saw few very beautiful projects round here and decided to finally start working on one of my own.

I’ve played with browser 3d environments before using other libraries.
I was wondering if there’s a quick course or tutorial to cover some of the stuff I want to work on:
For a first project I want to make something simple:

  1. Fixed camera in a 3D world from up.
  2. Loading a simple terrain (flat) but with textures and roads.
  3. Creating buildings.
    Basically like a town or a city but nothing too advanced in model terms.
    Appreciate your help!

Hi @NTwired and welcome !

I started with babylonjs about two months ago. To my knowledge there is not necessarily tutorials for what you are looking for, but the documentation is so rich that you will find all the information to get started. Here are some links to start:

  1. cameras:
    Cameras - Babylon.js Documentation
  2. terrain with multi textures (grass, roads, …) :
    Use Multi-Materials - Babylon.js Documentation
    Terrain - Babylon.js Documentation
  3. some ideas for buildings creation :
    A nice new addon for Blender 2.8+ for creating buildings
    Basic Skyscrapers from footprints and Scifi Textures
    Examples from the playground
    Using Build a House from a Floorplan - Babylon.js Documentation

And finally, if you want to start with a typescript “ready to use” project, you can take a look at this very helpful project :