Javascript 404 in tornado server

I tried using tornado server to serve Babylon demo but got 404 anyone hv d solution ?

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You should recreate your question in the “Questions” category as “Demos and projects” is not really suitable. Also, it is near impossible to help with so few information. Have you tried to look at the Network tab of the browser to see the exact path of the 404 resource?

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K will recreate in QnA. Tks.

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Though In sampleDemo.html has

script src = “babylon.js” /script

but when tornado serves it printed: 404 GET /babylon.js that is it may not be able to load babylon.js though both html and js are in the same folder. And when I directly double-click sampleDemo.html the browser displayed its 3D content.

I have no experience with tornado server, but it seems to me like it is loading static assets from a different location. try ./babylon.js instead of babylon.js, it should load the .js file from the same directory as the html file.

I had tried relative n absolute paths like:
src = ./dist/babylon.js
src = /home/daniel/Babylon.js/dist/babylon.js
the absolute path worked when I double-clicked directly on d the demo html even when I copy it out to an upper directory as d 3D content is displayed but not if I URL via d browser like so:
localhost:9999/demo.html though d browser did display some bold text as an indication the said file is rendered but not the 3D content assuming d server cannot load d javascript. Thus hope some1 hv d experience or know-how n advice.