Keeping babylon.js on the computer

I just did the Node.js tutorial, and opened up the start server and loaded a model. I noticed a copy of babylon.js wasn’t in the folder. Is that normal? If I make a game and post it somewhere, is that acceptable or does it need to be all inclusive? Does it slow down loading doing it that way? I know this is super beginner but I did a search with this title and nothing came up.
What I don’t get is there are about 15 files in the sample.js. I don’t understand how we keep those up. I was expecting just babylon.js.

I think this might be too stupid of a question to answer. I think I can just go to those sights and copy the file and paste it in the folder. Sorry about that.

Hi @fire7side, Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:
Glad you found a solution.

It was made to be as plug&play as possible while not overwhelming the user with 20 different files in the public folder :smiley:

You can also get the sources from