Install babylon with npm?

Where do I type ‘npm install babylon --save?’

Hello and welcome

You should type that into a node console (in the folder where your project is)

Thank you, maybe you will add that later on and be very specific for new comers.

I managed to get 58 mb downloaded with all the .json files. I hate autocorrect, changes what I mean to type. mb becomes my, json becomes Jason! You know what I mean.

I am glad to be on the BabylonJS playing field. Thank you for your time. I had to read a lot of docs to figure it out.

You are the Author I believe?

And it is under the Microsoft umbrella?

I have been coding my own games engines since 1990-ish, starting in msft qbasic!

I do it as a hobby and passion. I have a little math.js as my own little 3D Gaphics math library. I have read many of the DirectX (8-12) & OpenGL & baby brother WebGL. Kind of dry books but knowledge.

Am I mistaken or am I seeing some misspellings, like violons? No big deal. I have been working as a debugger for 30 plus years, so I spot typos in seconds.

I go to college but not for the education. I got 8 A’s and 4 B’s @LATTC majoring in CIS.

I am going to dev using BabylonJS very likely.

Good day sir,

James M. Lynch

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Student# 900182872

Some css3 i use, if you want to see, oh my partial app is in a github repository if you want to see a beta. 160 MB


I am almost positive that is the name I used, I reworked some code and put it up new just last night. Take care. jim

(Attachment style.css is missing)

Let me ping @raananW our resident node expert :smiley:


The Babylon package is not related to us. Or packages are all names Babylon js

You can read about it here