Ktx decoder from cdn is busted

Not sure if the ktx decoder on the Babylon cdn has been updated recently, but it recently seems broken for us so our textures in production are looking really strange! Any ideas?

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just to update the community, @RaananW is on it at the moment :slight_smile:

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CDN issue was resolved for now, please reload and try again.
Will fix the bug tomorrow and will push another update right after


Hi @RaananW,

Thank you for getting to this so quickly.

We also started getting some production bugs with textures suddenly being red and black squares. Maybe this can help you:

As a side note, is there a way I can keep a local version of the decoder for the games?

Would like to echo @Nexum here, my production system is broken too, so the problem is not really fixed.

I have updated the cdn yesterday and am working on a more permanent solution right now. Can you share a link that doesn’t work?


Our problem might be that we are using an older version of Babylon that is loading from https://preview.babylonjs.com/babylon.ktx2Decoder.js instead of https://cdn.babylonjs.com/babylon.ktx2Decoder.js

Edit: Looking at @Nexum’s screenhot, he is also loading the ktx2 decoder from preview.babylonjs.com.

I assume only the CDN link got patched?


got it! this will be fixed in 3 minutes. maybe 2 :slight_smile:


Working for me, thank you @RaananW! I’ll try it in a bit when I’m back at my PC, but maybe someone already knows: if I load the js file manually would the js still get requested from CDN?

Cannot confirm, it’s still broken for us.

Interesting @Bastian, could it be browser cache? I realized that I never tested without developer console (which I’ve set to never use cache).

I also have the developer console open with disabled cache open.

The content of https://preview.babylonjs.com/babylon.ktx2Decoder.js still differs from https://cdn.babylonjs.com/babylon.ktx2Decoder.js

This is on my side (seems normal, but obviously I don’t know how it should look)


Very interesting. Maybe it’s a regional thing and there is still a server side cache that’s delivering the old version.

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Yeah, sounds likely.

Localloy (or “in my region”) it is correct. May I ask where you are located?

I will anyhow try to purge the cache again just to be sure.

We are located in Germany, Fürth.

Oh, interesting. We are delivered by the same endpoint.

I doubt there is any local caching. i also checked with different CDN testers - all deliver the right file. This is what I see (from the Hauptstadt):

Anyhow - purging again as I write this. should be done in a minute or two.

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