LCD panel like terminal window with thin instances + typewriter demo

Guys, back again with some thin instances stuff!

I thought about creating a mandelbrot visualization but it was painfully slow on the CPU. So I’ve created a 3D terminal window with rastered fonts.
Check out the PG:

So there is only one step left to create a BabylonJS 3D Asciinema player :vulcan_salute: Anyone interested in doing it? :smiley:

Have a great day/night!


EDIT: Guys, we can gain much more performance by not setting the thin instances buffer again and again as I did it originally, but we can call thinInstancesBufferUpdate(). We can use the thinInstancesPartailBufferUpdate to be even more faster. The only change in code is:

    drawChar(char: string, x: number, y: number) {
        const segmentData = this._charmap.get(char)
        if (!segmentData) {

        this.updateSegment(x, y, segmentData)
   added ->       this._prefabMesh.thinInstanceBufferUpdated("color")
   removed ->     // this.setThins(false, true)

New PG:


I love your demos, please keep em coming !!!

Between old school computers and Matrix, you definitely know how to be sure I ll like them :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot! It’s my pleasure to entertain you! :smiley:
I need to rest for a week or two now, because I started to dream about 3D objects. I am not joking! :smiley: So back in a week, two and hopefully I will manage to do some more cool stuff! :slight_smile:

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How cool it would be to have a BabyloJS demo scene!! :vulcan_salute: :joystick:


Thanks for your continuous updates. I learned a lot from your demos


I’m happy to hear that! You are welcome!

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