Learning in public with Canvatorium

Canvatorium is a long-term side project where I can explore Spatial Computing UI/UX. It’s a place where I can test ideas and build small components for my other projects, many of which I can’t talk about.

Developing and learning in public is my favorite way to improve as a developer and Canvatorium is my way of doing that. I use this project as a place to document and share what I’m learning and building.

I created a landing page for the project here: vrhermit.com/canvatorium

A few notes

  • Labs are all about exploring concepts and ideas for spatial computing, VR, AR, MR, etc. I publish all labs on my website when they are done.
  • Benches are 3D scenes that I use to test ideas or learn my way around Babylon JS. I don’t often publish benches, but you can find them all on the dev site.
  • Look for the <code/> button on the overlay on a lab or bench to view the code on GitHub

Follow the project

There are a few ways to follow along.

  • I post frequent updates on X and Threads using the handle @vrhermit
  • All published labs end up in the RSS feed on my site
  • All code is available at Radical Canvatorium on GitHub

Open to feedback and ideas

If you have any feedback about a lab or even if you have an idea that you would like me to test, just reply here or anywhere you find me online. I have around 200 lab ideas on my list, but I’m always happy to add to that.

Meta-question for the core team: Is Canvatorium suitable for the Community Demos page?


Very cool project, I definitely want to steal from this the way that you made these info panes! They are very aesthetic and functional.

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This is huge !!! cc @PirateJC

Nice! I remember some of your questions using the labs :smiley:

@vrhermit this look really cool!

What’s your twitter username? We’ll throw some attention your way from the Babylon account!

Thank you! I’m on X and Threads (and most places) @vrhermit.
Is Canvatorium suitable for the Community Demos page? When I clicked the button to submit it, I was directed to the Demos and projects section of the forum.

BTW, do you know if it is possible to change my handle on the forum from @vrhermit to @vrhermit? I

Alias changed to vrhermit

Awesome, thank you!

That is awesome! Thanks for doing that :smile:

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