Spatial audio experience "ProofOfConcept"

Here’s a spatial audio experience I’m working on. Give it about 10 seconds to kick in after pressing the unmute button, and keep the volume low at first until you see the big ring light up otherwise it’ll be really loud.

Twitter link has a video clip you can watch if the playground doesn’t work on your device.


Worked on this a bit more over the last few weeks. Getting closer to calling it finished :slight_smile:


Calling this one done for now because I want to work on something else :slight_smile:


Really nice!
Below is live event video rendered in browser inside our GLTF model which acts as virtual reality scene. It is prepared for VR but currently we address only desktop users.


This is really cool! I love the light sequence on the rings, the stars lighting up and the particle effects on the middle of the music (which is also very neat!). The monochromatic palette gave it a relaxing and peaceful effect. :slight_smile: I don’t own a VR headset but I bet the experience is even cooler on one!

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Woah, this is also very cool! I love the outrun color palette :sunglasses: May I ask what was the process of designing and running this scene?

The work is still in progress; later I’ll made separate post about it.

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