Babylon.js 6.0 Release Video: Community Submissions

Hey everyone!

It’s that time of year again where we’re gearing up to release the next version of Babylon.js!

Babylon.js 6.0 is currently scheduled to be released on April 20th!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: one of the new things being added to Babylon.js for version 6.0 is BIG. and I mean REALLY BIG. There…I’ve done my job, I’ve officially teased you. :wink:

Just as it has been in the past, this will be the biggest marketing moment of the year. We will make a release video to celebrate this new version of Babylon. We try our best to make these videos big, bold, and exciting and we want you to be a part of it!

Each one of you is an important part of this community and we like to take this moment once a year to show you how much we appreciate you and what you create with Babylon.js, by including some of your Babylon.js creations in the release video.

If you have made something with Babylon.js in the last year, then you can submit your creation to be considered by simply replying to this thread with a link to something you’ve made with Babylon.js.

The submission deadline is March 15th 2023!

Please note that due to the length of these videos (2-3 mins) and the number of submissions, we may not be able to include every submission in the video.

Check out our last 2 release videos to see where/how community submissions are featured!


This is awesome! Looking forward to the announcement.

I’m working on a fantasy card game. It’s WIP but fully playable and free to play. I’m adding more features and content every week!


Here is mine
js-wings arcade airplane simulation beta release - YouTube


I didn’t understand how the game works (stupid me :wink:) But then, I don’t play this kind of games.
I actually only wanted to praise the design. It looks really beautiful and consistent :heart_eyes:. You have my vote for the art direction :+1:

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Yay! This is my best work unless I make something better in the next few weeks: House Shake (WTZ02)


Our submission for the year 2022 - Designer 3D Spaces Ready for your Website & Metaverse at
(any link with ‘Experience’ button).

(one may open several browser tabs to check multiuser functionality).


I built Superhero Comics last year with Babylonjs 5.0!
Now with even faster loading and works good on Meta Quest 2 Browser.

Fun way to explore the top selling superhero titles. Updated weekly.
Check it out at
Youtube → Superhero Comics is a jam-packed 3D/VR comic book store - YouTube


Thank you for creating such a awesome oppotunity. I’m excited about the next release!
I want to share a kind of my work laet year.

This is a Kinectron Viewer made with Babylon.js.
It can receive AzureKinect depth images from Kinectron Server and show as point clouds.

Thank you.



<3 I really like this scene. Great job, lots of textures and individual elements. Well done.


I’ve added sculptures to a site that I created that generated galleries from Adobe Photoshop Lightroom albums: Sculpture Walk-Through - YouTube



You Guys are All so amazing. :heart_eyes: Not sure if I will be able to compete… but then, I will try anyways :sweat_smile:
Meanwhile, @labris (of course) and @doctor3d you already got my vote :+1: (for whatever this can help :grinning:)


And one more vote for you. :+1: Just visited the site and saw the adding of sculptures and ‘This is also awesome:heart_eyes: GJ,


Super exciting!

We’re pleased to be teased.

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Yay, I think I can make it this time round…

@PirateJC So you just need a link to a video? or can I provide the url and you can make the clip. Which do you prefer?

NO, tell us!!! We wanna know. :child: :stuck_out_tongue:
What can be that BIG? :thinking: Oh, I know: We will now build our scenes through the AI? No more code, just a simple discussion :grinning: No wait, I have better: Microsoft will buy three.js and dismantle it :grin: No, wait, wait, I think I have it now… Real big: Apple will make full compliance with the tech. Now just how big is that? :rofl:

@labris am delighted to know the babylonjs 6 release features

few queries in my mind:

  1. can we load.fbx assets into babylonjs
  2. Any intergration plugin where i can import Marvelous Designer scenes as fbx/obj or Alembic assets into babylon.


@vijay_krishna nope but you could convert in gltf in most DCC tools :slight_smile: Also, for follow up on this topic, let use another thread to keep this one focused on community submissions.

Cannot wait! The babylon team just keeps delivering! :star:

I’d like to submit the VR exhibitions on Artland. Really proud of how it turned out and that it’s still getting new features with the help and capabilities of BabylonJS with React-Babylonjs!

Demo thread

We have a vast collection of exhibitions ready for viewing pleasure!