Level up and down the sound

Hello, I am completely new to Babylon.js but I would like to test my strength and create a small project :slight_smile:
My game will be pretty much based on sounds.

In the API I did not find any information on how to turn the volume up and turn the volume down. There is only information about the volume setting, but how do I do it smoothly? I think I have to write my own function?

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Depending on whether you want to change the volume globally or per sound, there are two functions you can call to set the volume:

AudioEngine - Babylon.js Documentation (to set the global volume)


Sound - Babylon.js Documentation (to set an individual sound’s volume)

Thanks for the quick reply.
I’m sorry, I did not write it down precisely enough.
I mean gradually switching from 100% to 0 in 3 seconds.

I see setVolume has 2 parameters:
newVolume: number
time: number
where time defines in how long the sound should be at this value.

I have not found a smooth change in volume anywhere.

Perhaps the description of the time parameter should clearer, but it should be doing exactly what you want already.

See Babylon.js/sound.ts at master · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

@Bociakrodyl, Here’s a playground that you can try out to see how the volume can be modified with a given time parameter:

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Thanks a lot everybody! :slight_smile: