LF Full-time Babylon.js Developer for a 2.5D Game Built with Open Source

We are creating a 2.5D crypto-based web game in Babylon.js, utilizing the Vircadia open source metaverse platform as its server.

This project is going to be completed primarily in TypeScript for both the front and back-end, and may utilize Vue here and there for the front-end. The desired style is similar to Wytchwood.

The requirements are…

  • TypeScript
  • Babylon.js
  • WebGL
  • Front-end Development (Vue)
  • Game Design & Development Portfolio
  • Unit and Integration Testing (Jest)

This is a 4 month project with need for a full-time developer, however a permanent position is also likely (if desired) as this project may be extended. Also, we always have projects running in parallel and new ones starting up on the Vircadia platform.


Hey There!

I’d be glad to hear more details.

Resume, and contact information at https://danmaku3d.xyz

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