Lights behaving differently on desktop vs mobile

Good day,

  • I export from blender a model that I load with babylon.js, all good
  • I put some point lights around it
  • what happens is that the lights looks great on desktop and laptop
  • but when I access the very same thing on my android phone, the lights just behave differently, they seem to be harder and weaker, its odd

If you ask me to put an example in the playground, I cannot put the exact model Im using because its a scientific model that I cannot share at the moment, I will try though as soon as I can to put an example using some other model

in any case for now I just wanted to ask if lights are supposed to behave identically in mobile and desktop or what could be the reason why they behave differently (in terms of hardness, intensity, etc) and if anything can be done about it

thank you very much :slight_smile:

Nope, never seen this before except if you rely on unsupported features like Sub Surface Scattering and such.

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Yes this is mandatory to help

Maybe you have too much lights? (They consume shader uniforms which are limited on mobile)

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@sebavan, @Deltakosh, thank you very much,
Im gonna test more with using just 1 light and see if that helps, if not then I will look to put an example in playground yes,
I wonder if maybe its all related to the material of the object somehow