Limited number of bookmarks on BJS forum

Hi there,

As I’m trying to read and take in as much information about BJS as possible I’m reading through the forum here a lot.
To keep track of the most interesting discussions I bookmark quite a few of them.
However after a number of bookmarks I reach a daily limit.
Is there a reason for that? Can it be turned off?


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Adding @carolhmj to see if she can unlock it ?



Yeah for some reason there is a “max number of bookmarks per day” setting :rofl: I removed this setting, see if it worked! :slight_smile:


Thanks will check it tomorrow :ok_hand:

Hi @carolhmj
Looks like the change hasn’t been processed.
I still get the same notification.


How many bookmarks had you added when the notification show up?

Might be 20-30? not sure

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let’s see now! :rofl:

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ha! thanks, was just able to bookmark this post already…
will let you know after an day of reading through the forum and saving the most valuable posts :ok_hand:

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