About the 'Announcements' (a thought about…)

Hi Guys,
… and happy 2021 to those who would read this post and did not yet get my best wishes for a happy, healthy and BJS 2021!

@#com-team (notice I didn’t find a way to contact the #com team) else than doing this @RaananW @PirateJC )…same as I couldn’t use an ‘optional tag’ for #com topic?!

I was wondering about the forum’s ‘public’ categories (understand those that are somehow linked to social media and official, such as ‘Announcements’… (and now, due to the users activity, the PG examples) like i.e. the latest 4.2 release from Nov2020 in which my post is the last post… and no new ‘official’ announcement since…

Question is: Shouldn’t we find a way to better nurture these posts?

I believe I also saw @Deltakosh try push some work from PG examples to social (using our beloved ambassadors:)… so, yes, I was wondering if we should not (ask the community) to make some additional effort in this aspect for #com?

That’s because, in general, there is nothing to announce :slight_smile:

We share everything we see wherever we can. I am not sure what exactly you are asking. What exactly do you want to do and can’t? or - what do you expect the team to do that we don’t?

Expectations? no. You must have got me wrong there.
It’s as in the title (a thought).
It comes along with the other comments seen recently about ‘reorganizing’ the nav between bjs sites/offering and some other comments that show the desire of increasing ‘visibility’.
Here I am just sharing my thoughts based on some experience. I’m not saying the team is not doing well. Quite the contrary, in fact :smiley:
As for the ‘optional tags’, I thought that (since it is growing), we could may be have more tags…
That’s all,