《loacl war》Migrating to Babylon.js4.0

Old card:《Local War》Online first-person shooter

Previous releases of the game had too many bugs and performance issues due to my lack of experience in online game development.

Starting today, I’ve used babylonjs4.0 and refactored the game’s code structure, so you can see how smooth it is even when multiple people are online at once. This is a credit to babylonjs4.0.

At the same time, I added new weapons, such as: sniper rifle and pistol;

I added client-side and server-side burials to distinguish between simple game cheat detection.

Below is the related video, please enjoy.:smile:

game url:http://localwar.xidayun.com/

Photos of


Thanks for the feedback !!!

Glad all the improvements paid off :slight_smile:

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Babylonjs is excellent, even in previous versions. All the mistakes and performance problems in the previous games were caused by my lack of experience in game development.:smile: @sebavan

Your game is getting better and better! Love it