A online first person shooter game with BabylonJs

Hi, I am trying to develop a first-person shooting online game with babylonjs. I use blender to convert the model format, extract the free online model (half life), and finally export to GLTF format. I use websocket as the communication basis and use “nodejs” as the service, which is the current effect.:grin::grin::grin:


Looks really cool! :slight_smile:

I took the liberty to fix the title, i hope that’s okay :slight_smile:

Man! This is excellent
Please share a link!!!

Pinging @PirateJC


This looks awesome! What would you think about us including footage of this in our 4.0 release video?

@renjianfeng. Very professional looking . Great stuff as usual :slight_smile:

Yo @renjianfeng … I am the guy who makes the Babylon Toolkit… I was about to getting into making tutorials about crating FIRST PERSON SHOOTER game mechanics using the Babylon Toolkit… Would you be interested in helping me with that ???

Of course, please forgive my poor English.

Thank you, but there is no online version available now. I will speed up the work of the server. I will share a link as soon as possible within this week.

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Yo @renjianfeng … Lets hook up and talk about what kind stuff we can put in the toolkit tutorials.

Please contact me mackeyk24@gmail.com… We can do a www.gotomeeting.com screen share and work together. I can show you some of the animation state machine stuff i built for the Character Controller and Animation Setup… So we can setup the characters just like they do in unity.

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Sure, my pleasure!!!


Hi, If possible, I would like to help. However, I am not good at using English, which may make communication difficult. I have checked the website “gotomeeting”, but I have never used this platform, how does it work?:thinking:

It lets us do a conference together so we can see each other screen and talk to each other.

I want to show you my tools i developed for character development and i want you to show me the WORKFLOW you use now to get all the characters up and running in babylon. That way i can fine tune the toolkit for advanced character creatation for use in first person shooters for example.

I have also developed tons of game mechanic api and script components… I basically want you and I to REBUILD a first person shooter game but using the Babylon Toolkit Game Design Tools and Script Components and Managed Scene Component APIs…

If that sound good to you :slight_smile:

@MackeyK24 I’ll talk to you in private

This is awesome!

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@renjianfeng I can not wait to try it :slight_smile:

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bro, you’re amazing, I’m learning Babylon recently, keep up the good work!