《Local War》Online first-person shooter

Hi, sorry to keep you waiting. I promised to release it within a week, but it was more difficult than expected.

This is a first-person shooting game based on babylonjs. He used egret as UI locally and babylonjs as 3d rendering engine. On the server side, nodejs+socket.io is used.

The game model is from: https://gamebanana.com/

I used my spare time to finish it. I spent more than two months to study and complete the work.

I hope you will like it;




:open_mouth: This is awesome man!!!

you shot me twice :frowning:

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Man this is just INCREDIBLE!!
Do you want to share it on our homepage?

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This is so cool! Great job, man, super fun and awesome!

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My goodness this is impressive! Super fun!!!

Do you have any objection to including this in the 4.0 Release Video?

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Amazing! Can you add invert mouse? I can’t play FPS without it. :slight_smile:

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This is great!!!
Oh and I found a “secret” room.:sunglasses:

Cool! I have some input that might help:

1: When first opening the game on a chromebook, no map models loaded in. there were some black things, but everything else was invisible

2: I reloaded the game, but got this:

I’m in america, and from the game language I believe you are in china, so high load times is to be expected. I like it and the idea though! All games like this online are made with unity, so a game that isn’t stands out.

3: for control number 4, i think you mean tilt or lean. Nothing big, but i thought probe sounded off.

I hope I could help, and looks great! (the movement and shooting, from what I can see :upside_down_face:)

I see you. I noticed that the latency on the server was very high.

@Deltakosh Yes!!!, so that more people know about the game and come to play:grinning:

@PirateJC Of course, you are free to use the content of this game as your video content material, which is also to promote the game, I am very willing.:grinning:

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@bghgary Ok, I will add your suggestion to the plan.:slightly_smiling_face:

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@hcmetal pleasantly surprised.:star_struck:

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Hey @renjianfeng
if it helps I know how to invert mouse y.
If you are using the babylon.js camera, camera.angularSensibility.y *= -1; should work

@Givo You are right, but I am sorry that I have not set up the server in other regions for the time being. The cost of the server is too expensive, and I cannot afford more at present. I will look for sponsors in the later stage.

Regarding the grammatical error, thank you for correcting it, because English is not my native language, I will fix this error in the next update.

Thank you for reminding me.:grinning:

50%20PM No problem. The latency is the main issue here. :smiley:

Also, the tab says loacl war

That should be easy to fix too. :upside_down_face:

OK,The next update fixes this problem.:upside_down_face: