Load GLB/GLTF without textures

I have a question:
Is there a possibility to load a glb file via: SceneLoader.ImportMeshAsync (or a different function) without loading the textures? But with the materials?
My plan is to load textures differently but my glb’s have embedded textures which I do not use.

I have tried unloading the textures like this after the load:

const bundle = await SceneLoader.ImportMeshAsync(...);

bundle.meshes.forEach((mesh) => {
    const textures = mesh.material?.getActiveTextures();

    if (textures) {
        textures.forEach((texture) => {

But I do not want to load them at all.
Is there a way to do this?

The easiest way is to remove all textures from a file beforehand with some tool like Blender (or with some relevant CLIs, or with just small Babylon script like you mentioned and then save the clean file).
I think it is not possible to not to load textures from GLB, but it should be possible for GLTF with some additions to the GLTF Loader. Here is a couple of threads which may put some light on it

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We don’t have this option.

What you can do is not load the materials at all and create them afterwards (see the skipMaterials property of GLTFFileLoader).

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