Loading csv dataset into babylon.js

Hi all,

I’m new to babylon.js and to coding in general (absolutely no experience whatsoever) and I have to create a 3d visualization for a class. I have my dataset but I don’t know how code it in for javascript and babylon to read it and create boxes/spheres for it. Any help would be appreciated.

My data looks like this:
A Brief History of Time,Stephen Hawking,Paperback,4.0,9.62,Science-Geography
(there are roughly 20,000 rows in my data)

hey @Karla_Roig , Welcome aboard
what exactly are you trying to achieve? do you need to display your data on 3d box something, like a table? do you have any 3d visualisation example that you would like to achieve?

Hi @Karla_Roig and welcome to the forum. This may be of use to you Best strategy for loading CSV file

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I’m trying to create something like this: https://bp.bleb.li/ or this https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#E3XJMU#26
I have a dataset with 6 columns and 20,000 rows. three of those columns will indicate x,y,z axis and two of the columns will indicate the shape (box or sphere) and color (based on categories)
Not sure if that helps