Loading Cybertruck mesh causes UI to stall

I have a Cybertruck GLTF mesh which I import into my virtual world at the start. I noticed when its being loaded the UI becomes unresponsive. You can’t type in the HTML text boxes until the GLTF has finished loading.

Is there a way to prevent this from happening. Can I load the GLTF in a webworker using ImportMesh and send all the files back to the main thread?

Hey @ozRocker, could you try the method under section Loading two glTF assets in parallel in Use Promises - Babylon.js Documentation?

I tried LoadAssetContainerAsync and ImportMeshAsync but the result is the same unfortunately. The text input box freezes until the GLTF file is loaded

Edit: Whoops! I just realised the problem isn’t loading the GLTF. That loads without stalling the UI. But in the onLoad handler I set the reflection texture. That’s the bit that causes the lag. I have a reflection probe and I set the cube texture from that as the reflection texture of the Cybertruck.