Looking for an example where a mixamorig model has animations applied to it from any other mixamorig animation

So i want to be able to share animation clips with loads of different models

How can I achieve this?

Applying animation clips from one model to another using the following way does not work as it looks like differences in bone lengths or scales affects the result and does not look correct at all

   const group2 = group.clone( anim, (target) => {
        const idx = skeleton.getBoneIndexByName(target.name)
        const bo = skeleton.bones[idx];
        return bo.getTransformNode();

Is there a way for complete retargeting with babylonjs?

Hello! I think that if the skeletons are different, retargeting is not going to be a simple task. It would be better to first ensure the models all have the same skeleton. @bghgary any thoughts?

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I’m not sure I have much to add. If you have exactly the same skeleton, it is easy, but otherwise, the math is complicated.

The skeleton is the same

The point is to be able to retarget from the same skeleton

If two models have the same rig but different scales/lengths and mesh surfaces, and I should be able to apply the same animation clip to both models. I should be able to apply the animation to any rig thats the same.
Currently that doesnt work

I don’t mean just that the skeleton has the same structure. I mean the skeleton has the same structure and bone matrices.

Maybe this thread will help: Issue loading/retargeting animations - Questions - Babylon.js (babylonjs.com)

If you have a playground with a repro, I can take a look to see.

Hello @bozworth just checking in if you are able to provide us with a playground so we can take a look :slight_smile:

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