Looking for an off-the-shelf GLTF viewer

Good evening all!

I’m looking for a standalone web GLTF / GLB viewer. Something that allows clickable hotspots (click and the camera moves), and also has functions to play embedded animations.

Does such a thing exist?



The ecommerce tutorials talk a lot about using Babylon Viewer to display models, hotspots, and etc: 3D for E-Commerce - Viewer in WordPress | Babylon.js Documentation (babylonjs.com)


Thanks for linking to the tutorial.

My coding skills are minimal at best, so ideally looking for an easy to use viewer. Something like Sketch Fab, but with better animation controls and integrations. Maybe such a thing doesn’t exist?

You could also try to embed the sandbox, it has animation controls and the inspector to change properties: Babylon.js Sandbox - View glTF, glb, obj and babylon files (babylonjs.com)

I’m guessing there’s nothing currently available that is along the lines of what I’m looking for, and so I’m probably going to need to create something / hire a coder to for this?

model-viewer is probably all you need for what you’ve described. its using threejs, not babylon but thats ok i guess. the model viewer maintainers will have to deal with three’s constantly breaking changes, not you.

.<model-viewer> Annotations (clickable hotspots)
.<model-viewer> Animation (simple animations)
.Model Editor (editor – good for viewing animations)

btw, if ur building an app, i suggest using it with preact, mainly because preact integrates with custom elements better than react/vue/whatever else. there is a branch of react that does as well, but its future is uncertain. its some random package like react-18.dev234234234 . maybe if there is a well maintained react wrapper, that’d work fine too

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Why not using the Babylon viewer that is part of the babylon community ?

@RaananW is maintaining it so it is in nice hands :slight_smile:

It is only missing annotations but it would be such a nice contribution.