Newbie Babylon Q /

Newbie Q
I am playing w the Sandbox & uploading my models
I can download the glTF but can I download the code as well ?

I want to have a sandbox like panRotate camera to display like sandbox on my site but I cant link out to other sites

so I need an html / js (babylon etc) / glTF within my root but I cant figure it out

The Babylon Viewer can help load your model and setup camera and lighting. :slight_smile:


Hi @8ento just checking in, were you able to use the Babylon Viewer?

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@carolhmj @Blake
Thank you both, Yes. I just looked at this again, I dropped the code into my html page and it worked beautifully! Thank you both!
Now I have to learn about modding it and working with templates …
Thanks again for follow up, I really appreciate it
~ 8e