Looking for experienced Babylon developer for 3wk contract

https://www.bitreel.com/ is looking for an experienced Babylon developer for a short-term contract. We have built an XR showroom experience.

We have an ever growing codebase and this is our first Babylon project ( We originally used Three and rewrote for Babylon ) What we are looking for is a general code / performance run-through with Babylon solutions in mind as well as a few specific tasks.

The engagement will start fairly soon(2 weeks out or so) and candidates expected to have 30 hours a week available, what time of the day not important. The only requirement to be present for a few stand ups a week during normal business hours EST. The duration of the engagement is three weeks with a pre-agreed amount of $3000USD.


  • Experience optimizing memory performance
  • Experience profiling for performance in general
  • Good ability to dive into new patterns and see problems/Babylon solutions not used
  • Not afraid to change/move code around
  • Experience with Babylon 5.x series as modules

Good To Have:

  • Experience with WebXR
  • Experience with particles
  • Experience with node materials
  • Access to both iOS and Android for testing
  • Access to a Quest2 for HMD WebXR testing

Please PM me a Resume as well as a little blurb about yourself and how you fit the criteria above. We are looking for someone very experienced right now, maybe some more Junior type work in the future.


This sounds like an amazing opportunity, I hope the community will jump on it :slight_smile:

This has been filled! Thank you for the interest from all