Recruiting Babylon Experts!

We’re working on a really exciting virtual platform over at MVRK and we’re looking for talented Babylon devs who are (ideally) also familiar with Unity. If any of you are interested in learning more, please shoot me a DM and/or feel free to apply to this listing!

This listing is full-time but we’re also open to remote/contract.

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@MackeyK24 I know you’re huge into this area so please feel free to DM me and/or apply to this listing for more info!

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I am Interested.
DM sent please check.

Best Regards,
Lauren W.

Thank you very much @bruuuuuno for thinking of me … But I actually got a new job… Yeah :slight_smile:

Gonna have my hands full the next few months getting used to the new dev shop and working with the other developers. So i am not gonna have much time help out im afraid.