Looking for Experienced Babylon.js Dev for Consultation


We’re looking for an experienced Babylon.js developer for consulting on an already (mostly) finished mid/large sized project which requires profiling and performance improvement on mobile devices.
As of now we’re deploying on mobile by wrapping with Cordova, so ideally we’re looking for someone with experience on the current state of Babylon Native, as we’re considering it as a possibility, but since the UI is done with Pixijs, it’d require a big refactor, and we don’t have the time / man power at the moment to research if Babylon Native would be good for production for this project.

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Bruno Di Pentima


The current state of Fonts on Babylon Native is non-existent. The Babylon GUI is not going function right now on Native without them. Sound is also non-functional right now…

I have developed my own GUI which uses mesh based fonts for this reason. Was not planning on publishing it. Not really worth contemplating licensing it, since Native is not really ready for use in a production setting.

Also not really worth getting all formal for a 2 paragraph “consult”, unless maybe you wish to get off Pixie, but do not want to code it yourself.

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Thanks for the reply. I’ve read the readme on the github repo for Babylon Native, so yes, I was aware about the lack UI at the moment, although if I understand correctly it’d be possible to use Babylon React Native and replace our PixiJS UI with a screen space (which is all we need for this project) UI through the React framework.

So, as far as I can see, theoretically speaking, we should have everything we need for this particular project by using Babylon.js for 3D rendering with a UI running through React. It’s just that we’d like to minimize the chance of running into problems that’d force us into having to switch to another solution, because we’re at a point were time is scarce for us to just experiment with it to find out if it’s a fit.

I understand that no one is stating Babylon Native as production ready right now, it’s just that from the list of supported features, plus alternatives for the unsupported features it seems that it should work for us, even though it’ll likely take quite a bit of work to make the necessary changes.

I understand as well that it’d be impossible to tell without taking a look at the project, but that’ll require an NDA to be signed, and thus why I’m looking for a consultant in a formal manner.

It might perfectly be the case as well that someone with experience can profile, identify the bottlenecks and improve performance on the game as is, and just have the game running on mobile through Cordova.